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Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park (Sesimbra / Espichel coast), with overnight stay in one of the most beautiful bays on the Portuguese coast.

The Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park is rich in marine life, full of caves, wild beaches, bays and landscapes of unexpected beauty. Anthia centre suggests one of the best ways to know it closely and in detail.

Sesimbra Coast

A kayak trip along the Sesimbra coast. Have a look at magnificent beaches, slopes, caves and breathtaking landscapes.

Price: 2 to 8 people - 50,00 euros

                +8 people - 25,00 euros

Duration: Half a day

Minimo: 2 people 

Local: Parque Marinho Professor Luis Saldanha, Sesimbra, Portugal


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Porto de Abrigo Loja 1, Sesimbra - Portugal
+351 936 005 743 | +351 212 443 472

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