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Discover everything about our freediving courses


We are an apnea school. Here is where your essence lives.

SPOT-Freedive was founded in 2008 and has always aimed to promote and develop apnea in Portugal.

We teach you everything you need to know for you to overcome all possible fear, after it you can enjoy any activity connected to the sea with confidence and safety. Here you will find various types of apnea courses. Some are oriented on freedivers and others on sea sports amateurs: surfers, bodyboarders, bodysurfers, paddlers, windsurfers and others. Our free diving courses are certified by AIDA and SSI and range from the basic level to the advanced and instructor. In addition to the courses, we offer regular sea and pool training, fun dives and snorkeling.

We pay a lot of attention to individualized approach. People who come to our courses or trainings find themselves in a very safe, comfortable, entertaining but first of all professional atmosphere. SPOT trainers have extensive teaching experience as well as relevant and up-to-date supplementary training. They are also athlets and their dedication to freediving let them to establish several national records.

When you need more apnea just put SPOT-Freedive on your GPS.




The term apnea derives from the Greek a-pnoia and means a voluntary or involuntary suspension of breathing. Apnea was used by coastal population of lakes and seas because of the need to obtain resources from the bottom. Since ancient times, between 10,000 BC and 7,000 BC, various traces of freedive activity have been found such as harvesting of molluscs, shells and animals both for food and for other purposes. In some cultures there is a clear picture of the practice of apnea diving, from Greek sponge fishermen to Polynesian pearl fishers, to Japanese Ama divers and Korean haenyo divers. Some of these cultures still exist nowadays.

In this type of dive, no breathing equipment is used. The use of apnea, has evolved into various sport activities such as Freedive. When practiced in a recreational way, dives are performed in the sea, with the necessary equipment to observe or photograph the marine flora and fauna, when practiced in a sport way apnea requires a training program, which is applied in swimming pool, in the sea or even "dry".


Apnea can be used by everyone. Apnea is used in various sports but can also be practiced in a recreational way. There are several sports that use it as a tool, such as Freedive, underwater hunting, sub hockey. Also apnea is useful for wave sports such as Surf, Bodyboard, and many others.

More and more apnea is used not only as a sport tool but as a method of physical and mental relaxation



In recent years security is a subject that has been much debated and deserves our full attention. The level of knowledge and awareness about security has increased, so you can avoid complicated situations and know how to handle them.


Starting any activity involving apnea cannot be practiced alone. The absence of knowledge and information about what is going on can lead to accidents. That s why in our courses and activities we emphasize this theme, basing on theory and applying in practice.


The great majority of people think that it is impossible to reach more than a few seconds in apnea. To reach 2 minutes is a challenge that we accept regularly. With the proper techniques of breathing and relaxation that we transmit, people surpass and surprise themselves with what they can achieve, whether in time, distance in the pool or depth in the sea.


At SPOT you can find several apnea courses. Freedive levels range from beginner to deep diver but also for those who want to teach, we propose the international instructor course. The courses we teach are for those who want to learn but also for those who already have some experience and want to evolve.

SPOT also has specific courses available for surfers, bodyboarders and other practitioners of wave sports.

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Porto de Abrigo Loja 1, Sesimbra - Portugal
+351 936 005 743 | +351 212 443 472

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