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The Natural Park of Arrábida was created in 1976 and covers an area of 108 km² – means 38 kilometers of mountainous beach between the town of Sesimbra and the city of Setúbal, the hill of Palmela and the sea.

It has an impressive variety of sandy and rocky bottoms in a depth range between 3 and 100 meters. Some spots at the base of the cliffs are really well hidden and show the most wild sea life.

It is an area with very high biodiversity, counting with more than 1350 species of marine flora and fauna. You ll not find equal wealth neither in Portugal nor in the rest of Europe. Although it has always been known for supporting important fisheries it s also associated with the awakening of biological oceanography in Portugal at the end of century XIX with the works of King D. Carlos and other local naturalists and the great universities of the time.

Located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, Sesimbra can suggest you various activities connected to the sea, of course diving first of all! The best thing is that we can enjoy the sea of Sesimbra all yer round!

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