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It’s more than simple to visit fascinating places which will leave us unforgettable memories. If you are searching for activities during which you can submerge into history, culture, beautiful landscapes, colors and tastes, flavoured with the unity with nature – you should definitely come to our company.

The opportunity to observe and sometimes interact with the unique fauna and flora of the great natural spaces, such as the Arrábida and Madeira coast, motivated us to share all our experiences and create ANTHIA ADVENTURE.

With the help of ANTHIA ADVENTURE, professionalism, safety, quality and dynamics now come to Active Nature Tourism, with a wide range of possibilities to explore.

With multiple activities, isolated or combined, available to individuals and groups, suitable for different physical levels and all ages, we aim to offer an attractive product set that will provide unforgettable adventures and discoveries combining ecotourism, sport, and culture and business motivation.

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Porto de Abrigo Loja 1, Sesimbra - Portugal
+351 936 005 743 | +351 212 443 472

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